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My Honest Review of the Zipadee Zip!

My honest review of the Zipadee Zip.

When Ev was born we swaddled her. Well actually for the first 2-3 weeks of her life I went back and forth between swaddling and not swaddling because I couldn’t tell which helped her sleep better – I was new, she was new, we were a mess. Eventually it became clear that she didn’t like to be swaddled while awake, but slept the best when she was swaddled so I basically forced her into it every night for both our sanities.

Around 11 weeks old I started to worry about her rolling over in the middle of the night with her arms trapped, so I researched swaddle transition blankets.

After reading some reviews and watching some videos I settled on the Zipadee Zip. I felt that it would provide the feeling of a blanket without restricting the arms at all, compared to some of the other swaddle transition options. I ordered one, size small, which is for 3-6 months.

The Zipadee Zip is a game changer!

Let me just say, I seriously don’t understand how mother’s put babies to sleep without this thing. What would I even do!? I can’t put a blanket in the crib because it raises the risk of SIDS. Even if I did put a blanket in there she would kick it off and her hands and feet would be cold. Her whole body would be cold because I refuse to turn the heat on before October 1st. I can’t say enough good things about it.

The Zipadee Zip is a game changer! A few reasons why we love it:

  • It keeps her hands and feet warm.
  • She can’t kick it off.
  • The carseat can be buckled with her in it! This is handy because in the morning when I take her to daycare she can be transferred from the carseat right in for her morning nap and it keeps her warm on those frosty mornings.

The first night that I put her into the Zipadee Zip instead of a swaddle she woke up twice. The next night she didn’t wake up at all, the transition was quick and smooth.

One thing that I particularly love about it is that it has become her sleep cue. When she sees it she calms right down and understands it’s time to sleep. She usually rubs her hands all over her face once she’s in it. I put her in it only for naps and bedtime and when she wakes up I take her immediately out of it. In fact, it usually just lays in the crib like a normal blanket. It makes sleep times much more predictable for her.

A couple things: around 12 weeks is when i first started putting her in the size small Zipadee Zip (3-6 months). It was much too big so I just bunched some of the fabric in front near her belly button and tied it off with the rubber band, literally like a pony tail. This quick fix prevented the extra material from covering her mouth. After a month or two I stopped doing that. Interestingly, she’s still wearing the same Zipadee Zip at 8 months old, so the sizes are very flexible. Here’s the sizing chart and I would say they actually run a little large, which is nice because I don’t have to worry about her growing out of it as quick as everything else.

I actually have 3 of them, in case one gets left at daycare and one is in the laundry. None of them are the same color/pattern so she doesn’t have a preference. There are a ton of colors and patterns which I liked. Most of the other swaddle transition blankets were hideous!

It turns out she didn’t start rolling over for another 4 months after I bought the thing but now she can easily motor around in her crib with the Zipadee Zip on.

The Zipadee Zip is is easily the best thing I purchased for my daughter and it will be part of every baby gift I give from now on! Still unsure? Ask me your questions!


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